Thursday, January 17, 2008

Your House Can Be A Movie Star

Have you ever wondered where TV shows, movies, commercials, and print ads find the properties that they use for their productions? Well, lose sleep no more--location agents. Yes, real estate can be represented by a different type of agent than what we're used to. Specifically, your house can be marketed to location scouts for a variety of uses.

So, if your house looks like this

or this or this or, heck, even this (yikes--is that a house?!),then you may be sitting on a gold mine. The charge for using your home is dependent upon a number of factors, but figures thrown out there are anywhere between $500 to $5,000 a day.

If you're real serious, you can snail through the 27 .pdf pages of this California pamphlet for more information about your property in a starring role. So, if you wouldn't mind the following vehicles on your property or your street, then this might be the perfect money-making opportunity for you. Check it out:

Parked closest to the location:
• 35-foot, 5 or 10-ton electrical truck (contains all lighting equipment)
• 35-foot grip truck (contains other equipment)
• 60-foot, 10-ton production truck (may include generators at rear of tractor)
• 20-foot camera van (camera equipment)

Space permitting, this equipment also needs to be parked as close as possible to the location:
• 30-foot, 5-ton set dresser’s truck (contains props, flats, greenery)
• 30-foot, 5-ton special effects truck (if required, contains material/props for stunts, special effects)
• 30-foot crane (if needed, a large crane on wheels)

Parked nearby:
• 65-foot dressing room – toilet unit (commonly called a "honey-wagon")
• 30-foot pick-up truck with wardrobe trailer
• 30-foot catering truck
• Motor homes 8 x 25 feet (two or more), for actors or director
• 15-foot maxi-van (for shuttling crew, cast)
• Production cars – 2-3 vans (for errands, runs to studio)

In addition, there may be "picture vehicles" – cars/trucks used

Oh, no, I don't think your neighbors will mind one bit.

Let's see, I have acreage, a ranch house, a killer view with lots of hot air balloons, and tons of privacy for the production crew. My only concern: what if they ask to black out the windows and move the beds into the living room?