Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Inflation Causation

About all I can do with these important economic terms is rhyme them with something else. Not helpful, I know, but a talent nevertheless. That's why we have people who can break down these expressions into simple explanations like this one.

Let me get this straight--we may be in a recession, or headed into one, because housing and other factors are tanking, but we better be worried about inflation. Did I get that right? Okaaaay. Is this for real or is the media tiring of reporting the same information about foreclosures day in and day out. I'm really starting to get bored with it. I know, already, house prices have fallen and continue to do so. That's not news anymore.

What was news to me was reading recently that the Fed pumped money into the banks this summer to stave off a worse impact from the loan and housing sectors. Whoa! (I must have been on vacation when that happened. Since I don't have television or the newspaper, I miss some key stories at times.) I know enough from my son's Economics videos that that is definitely an inflation threat.

There are many very intelligent people who read this blog (don't ask me why), so it would be interesting to have their perspective.