Friday, May 2, 2008

Visit Me at My New Blog Address

(This blog is continued at Whine Country Chronicles.)

Now that I've conducted my virtual garage sale, it's time for a new beginning. This will be my last post on "Overcoming Real Estate Losses." It's practical to move at this time of year. You know, the time when, traditionally, real estate sales are up and inventory moves briskly. Here in Temecula, however, I may be the only person relocating--and there's plenty of real estate on hand.

It seems appropriate that this last post contain an accurate total of the real estate losses we incurred during the two years that we owned the apartment buildings . . . $814,000. That's an incredible amount of money. It's gone and there's nothing that I can do about it now--except learn from the past and not repeat it. That's a given. My husband said that we sold our rental houses at the peak of the market. I guess we did it halfway right. It was the second half that tanked.

Back to new beginnings--besides raising and educating my children, I'm focused on our growing promotional products business, with all the hopes and excitement that new opportunities bring. If we hadn't had such a crushing financial blow, we would have never been motivated to do what we do now. What a blessing!

So, if you want to continue to experience my perspective on business, real estate, kids, and everything else in life that interests me (and, hopefully, you), please visit my new digs.

You can bring an appetizer, and I'll supply the whine.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Virtual Garage Sale

Even in our most desperate of times during our financial struggles while owning the apartments, we never had to sell off any of our meager belongings. Now, I guess it's the thing to do. Since I'll be moving to a new blog address in a few days, I'd like to embark on this on-line odyssey. Here are some of the valuables that I have to offer:

A potted plant that was very attractive when we received it as a gift three years ago. I just recently put it outside to liven up the patio.

A bubble wand without the bubbles.

I have no idea what this screen-like device is or where it came from, but I'm sure it could prove useful to someone.

A fire pit that we bought five years ago. We used it at two events on the property, and someone got burned each time.

A sword that was hand-made (bet you couldn't tell) by one of the boys. Don't worry, he won't notice when it's gone because we have a dozen of them laying around.

An old play tool bench with a broken cover and missing parts.

A prized seashell collection that has been given back to the earth.

An sturdy paper weight.

A children's metal chair that we bought in 1989. Tetanus shot required.

A fresh stalk of broccoli from our garden. Even the kids will love it---raw, of course!

Let the bidding begin!