Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Good News!!

After close observation and analysis of recent activity (and a reader tip), I'm happy to report that the "fake" searches linking to my site are . . . well . . . fake! The trolls have been busy gobbling up the rat bait--so now I know for sure and I won't worry about being associated with illegal activities anymore. Their "rallying attacks" and fake comments (that are so obvious I don't publish them) now serve only to gift me with endless amounts of amusement. See? Every creature has a purpose. Actually, I'm quite flattered to be getting their undying attention and devotion. Don't worry, though. They'll crawl back into their holes, and I won't waste my precious space and your valuable time mentioning them again.

I'm so glad to be committed once again--and I'm more excited than ever! I will be posting regularly about real estate, business, and family-related subjects. That should be my mission statement, but let's not get carried away.

I wasn't prepared to write anything for today, so I'll be back tomorrow with more blather about my losses, recovery, and everything in between.

I do have one quick tidbit, though. Yesterday I received a phone call from a 1031 exchange company. The sales person told me that I had contacted them a while ago and wanted to know if I still needed information on T-I-C's. I told her that we lost our prospective investment money in real estate. She said, "Oh, I hate it when that happens!" I'm sure she does.

Then she asked if she could e-mail me her contact information just in case I "changed my mind". I said, "Huh? Um . . . I . . . lost . . . all . . . the . . .money. So, please don't bother." She sounded a bit disappointed as I hung up. I'm not sure, though, because I put the phone down so quickly.

One must wonder how desperate these firms are now if they have to dredge up year-old contacts based on one-call inquiries. I think they must have glued their shredded phone logs back together or something. I wonder how many of these businesses that specialize in T-I-C's will be around next year--or even next week.

I guess I just created another angle to the foreclosure fiasco. This time, I can't blame the media.