Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Whine Country Deals

I owe an apology to a reader who left me this comment a few days ago:

Another Investor said...

OK, so how much does a decent horse property in Whine Country cost now? THAT would be worth moving for...

I meant to respond, but then I forgot. So, to make amends, I'm giving the comment its very own post--right here, right now.

I have many items to write about lately, and I try to put my ideas down as drafts on my list of posts, but some things just slip through the cracks.

Do we have deals here in Whine Country Temecula! How about two kids for the price of one! I'm just kidding. Don't write that I sound bitter and trapped. Everyone who knows me knows that I would never give my kids away--not that cheap, anyway.

Decent horse property would be in the range of $800,000-$1,000,000. That would be for a house between 2,500-4,500 square feet on up to five acres that's less than 15 miles from the freeway. These types of properties had been selling for between $1.6-$2M. I know. I've been tracking them for two years now.

Remember this house that I told you about two months ago?

Price $1,200,000 Well, here is the listing now. It's still in great shape, too--at least on the outside. The grounds appear to be meticulously maintained.

If you're moving to Whine Country from, let's say, New York or San Francisco, the prices of the homes here are chump change compared to real estate values where you live. You probably like your area a bunch, but nothing compares to the beauty, serenity, and privacy of living out here.

So what if we have to cohabitate with every species of rodent and insect known to man. At least the kids are constantly entertained. Yesterday, I noticed that my four-year-old was missing somewhere inside the house. As much as I was accomplishing in her exile, I knew that I'd better find out what she was up to before I regretted it (her long absences usually mean major clean up required). I found her sitting on the floor in her bedroom. When I asked her what she was doing, she said, with eyes as big as bowling balls, "I found a baby cricket, but it jumped away and now I don't know where it is!" You have to imagine that voice in a high-pitched whine. Maybe the bug will return to entertain her again at another time.

Well, if that little anecdote didn't encourage you to rush out here to lessen the Whine Country inventory, then maybe these listings will. I make no representations as to their locations (check out the interior of the ugly one! Note to agent: give the exterior a coat of paint other than yellow).

Personally, I've lived near the beach and all over San Diego, which I consider to be the city of paradise. But, you could never convince me to move away from where I am now.

I'm home.