Friday, April 25, 2008

The Best Way to Market Your Unsalable Property

Driving the back way past Whine Country and Lake Skinner toward French Valley, I noticed many properties for sale. Unusual? Nah. Most of them had signs like this one:

A bit further down the road, however, this seller used a miniature billboard to attract potential buyers. It's clearly seen from the adjacent busy road (there was also a small sign that said "No Trespassing", but for you, dear readers, the law is merely a suggestion):

The competition is so severe, that, as I continued along, I almost ran into this sign:

I had to stop--risking life and limb--to snap a picture of this for you.

Finally, we have the answer of how to market to the most finicky of buyers---make sure that your sign is bigger than the house that you're trying to unload sell: