Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Please Don't Outlaw My Utilities

I'm breathing a sigh of relief because celebrities are going green--some for real. Everyone's favorite 80's mermaid, Daryl Hannah, is walking the talk:

“She’s been off the grid for years. She has a small home in Colorado and a place in the mountains of Malibu. Her shower is outside. Her living room is outside. It’s a small cabin. She’s 100 percent organic. She grows her own food.

“But she’s not nuts. She gets dressed up, goes out, travels and doesn’t fly private unless she absolutely has to.”

It's a good thing that she's learning to live off the land because, with the plunge in real estate values, her two houses can't be worth nearly as much as they were a couple of years ago. And remember, she only uses a private jet when she has to. Can someone please tell me how much longer our earth will be around because Daryl Hannah showers outside? What if we all showered outside? Then how long will it last?

Personally, I've always done my best to try to respect the gifts that I've been given. It seems to me that the proponents of global warming feel that humans are a scourge to this poor planet. I really don't know if the earth will fade away in 20 years just because I keep my chicken coup light on before dusk and dawn, and I prefer to shower in the comfort and privacy of my home.

If you are one to be easily swayed by the opinion of celebrities (I have a feeling that none of you are), then you would believe that the new "in" is to be green. It kind of reminds me of the belly shirts from a few years ago that showed off the despicable muffin top midriffs. It seemed that everyone was wearing them, and people ignored the fact that they weren't flattering or attractive. If you look around now, the layered, longer tops for women are in, and more stylish (it's my personal favorite, too). Not that fashion is akin to saving the earth, but do celebrities understand what they're supporting--and does the general public really want to emulate them?

Same with GW, I believe. Recycling and renewable energy sources have been around for decades. But suddenly many businesses are changing their practices and advertising their earthen responsibility--and spending millions doing so--even if no one can tell us whether or not it will make an impact on the planet. It's so popular at this time that I feel it soon may go out of style the way of the belly shirts.

I'm not making a political statement here. We just need to think for ourselves and read the scientific evidence to all the facts that are presented to us. For as many scientists who support the GW theory, there are as many, if not more, who debunk it.

As for me? While the debate rages on, I'm going to enjoy my warm indoor showers and fresh eggs--until heat and electricity are outlawed because our intelligent celebrity lobbyists convince Washington that the sky really is falling.