Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Crime Rate in Temecula Increases to One

We like to rent our videos from Red Box. They have them all over, but we go to the one at the grocery store.

After I dropped my son off at soccer practice last night, I had to return our overnight movie rental ("Snow Buddies"). I called my husband and asked which store I should take it to. He said that it didn't matter. I was directly between two Albertson's--the one on 79 South (which has been renamed Temecula Parkway) and the one on Rancho California Road. I decided to drive down to the 79, as I wondered what my post for tomorrow would be about.

When I pulled into Home Depot and swung around to Albertson's, I noticed some people hanging around their cars and looking toward the Home Depot parking lot. I thought they had gotten in a fender bender and were just waiting around. As I neared the grocery store, there were people in front gazing in the same direction, so I peered over my shoulder looking for a fire or tow truck or something. I didn't see anything.

I pulled around to find a good spot when I noticed that there was a cop standing in the middle of the parking lot with his gun drawn. I turned to get out of there, but that only got me within 10 feet of the cop. Did I tell you that his gun was drawn?

It was pointing at a guy who was lying face up on the asphalt, legs spread, hands behind his head. The police officer was all by himself. All alone. Gun drawn. Guy on the ground. People staring. Where was all the back up?

I thought of calling 911 for this poor cop, who never took one eyeball off the perp. Then I figured that his radio had a direct connection. But where was everyone and how long was he supposed to stand there? I thought of offering to help, but I really didn't think it was a good idea to startle a guy holding a loaded weapon.

So I did the next best thing. I pulled passed them both, parked, ran out of range, and started shooting--my camera, that is. I thought my boys would get a real kick out of this!

Since the crime rate in Temecula is virtually zero, I figured that I'd better get pictures of what possibly may be the only police activity in this sleepy town all year.

"Mommy, why is he standing so far away from the bad guy?" my sons asked. Uh, because he's all by himself, dear.

Finally, reinforcements arrive to subdue the dangerous criminal--who never moved a muscle because there was a big guy pointing a loaded gun right at him.

The back up moves in to get a closer look. Yep, he's laying on his back doin' nothin'.

Time to put the gun away and get the handcuffs on.

I seem to remember something about this from the academy five years ago . . . .

. . . can you give us the low down later and help me close these dang cuffs?

Still struggling here.

Whew! Yes, I've got them on. Thanks for all of your help, guys.
("Yeah, man, I'm number one! I was a gun totin' statue right there! No one messes with me, baby!")

Here we have the entire Temecula force.

My watch broke in all the excitement. Do you happen to have the time?

Hey, budddy, what's the Laker's score?
I don't know, man, I was kissing asphalt for a while there.

Good talkin' with ya. Thanks for not having a buddy jump me from behind while I was concentrating on keeping my loaded gun aimed at you.

By the time they had the deadly suspect subdued, there were six or seven police cars in The Home Depot shopping center--but not a donut shop in sight.