Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Themes & Transitions

I started this blog to show that devastating events don't have to destroy our lives. They're just a part of how our personal history will be written one day--and they serve to strengthen our faith. Most of all, I want others who have had similar experiences to know that they aren't alone, and, more than likely, are financially better off than I am.

This is post 164 since last September. The theme of my blog is real estate and business. As you know, however, I throw in many different topics when the opportunity arises. When this happens, I sometimes think that those who log on may feel a bit cheated or misled by the title or by someone who referred them here. So, at least several times a week, I like to stay on the topic of real estate, or some tangent thereof.

I've given this much thought for several months now, and I feel that it's time to title my blog something that better fits its content. Therefore, I've started a blog identical to this one in every way, except format and name, called "Whine Country Chronicles". I soon will be updating it every weekday. But not yet. I want to finish playing around with text fonts and colors first, and to make sure that anyone who logs on here can make the easy transition to the new one. Once it's up and running, I'll feel comfortable entertaining you there, as I do here.

I hope not to lose those of you who have logged on faithfully for some time now, or the ones who have just found me. The new blog will be exactly like this one, but with a title that better defines the content.

I'll keep this blog here for as long as Blogger lets me, so that anyone accessing my new blog will be able to link here for background reference. I'll make it clear when my last post is written on this site. Then it will be a rebirthing of sorts (speaking of birthdays, a happy one today to our good friend Munko Bunko). So, until the time that my new digs are ready, you can catch me at this address. I'll keep a pot of coffee on for you.