Thursday, March 27, 2008

Heard It Through the Grapevine

When I first created this blog, it was all about the traffic. How do I start a support group if the investors who need support don't know about me? So, I would poke around on other blogs and leave relevant comments that included my site address. This was all fine and dandy until I was pegged as a flipper and enemy #1. That wasn't accurate in any way, but it happened nevertheless.

For those reasons, I don't read anything that's written about me because it may distract me from my purpose here. I decided that I would write what's on my heart and mind regardless of what anyone else says, and, if others are interested, well, then, by golly, they can read it, too. It's worked very well so far. The responses that I've received over e-mail and in person have been overwhelmingly positive.

I also rarely check my site meter any more. I just don't care to. However, I decided to take a look last week to see if anything unusual was going on and I noticed an inordinate amount of hits coming from San Diego Creative Investors Association Message Board. "Oh, well," I thought, "more bad news, I'm sure." I didn't link to it. Then I received an e-mail from the moderator inviting me to join. That must mean that I'm really being vilified this time! A few days later, with the kids still on Easter break, I decided to check it out. Someone had started a thread about my blog and his comment was very positive. The thread continues with another poster synopsizing some lessons that may be learned from my experience. He echoed some of what I have been thinking lately. Very cool.

It goes downhill from there, but I looked around and I like the site. They're not crazy over-the-top about investing or not investing. Many seem to have the voice of reason and experience. If my husband and I had consulted with some of those regulars before we invested, maybe our outcome would have been a bit different. I decided to join and post a reply on the thread about my blog. My registration was quickly accepted, but, since that time two days ago, the message board states that I'm not an "approved member." Huh? I've even e-mailed the moderator twice, but received no response. I have a reply all ready to go, so if they ever allow me on, I'll link you to it.

Since I hadn't been on my site meter for a while before I discovered the SDCIA board, I was surprised by how many readers I've been getting everyday. I haven't commented on other sites for a couple of months, at least, but many people have found this blog anyway.

Yesterday, I had lost the link to the SDCIA board and had to access my site meter again. This time I noticed that my numbers were even higher. That couldn't possibly be good. Many of the readers were linked from a site called Live Learn After my relatively good experience with the investors association, I decided to see what was going on there. This is what I found:

Another Real Estate Blog - But Different - Well Maybe

March 26th, 2008 by Kenric

Overcoming Real Estate Losses is a blog that I’ve been slowly reading during the past two weeks. I am mentioning it here because it’s one of those blogs that you start reading and you wonder how you just spent two hours reading a blog.

OK, I take exception to the "Well Maybe" about being different, but the part about spending two hours on my blog and not realizing it is about the biggest compliment that you can pay a writer (unless he fell asleep while reading it and woke up two hours later)! I want to show my appreciation by having you all link to that site from here. I spent time reading a few pages and saw that, in some ways, the writer's experiences mirrored ours (he's done better for himself, though). He, like ourselves, started a business that he's running now. I haven't gotten the flavor of the whole blog yet because I don't have time to read many posts in one sitting. I'll have to do that over time. Let me know what you think.

Also, check out Blogtations. You just may see a quote from someone you know. It's right under the one about--how can I describe it--um, primal love.

Enough pride for now. Just thought I'd share some positive experiences that I've had lately. The tide changes so quickly online that I wanted to memorialize this moment with a post of it's own.