Thursday, October 11, 2007

They Must Be Sniffing Fumes

Here is eBay's final response to me after I asked them twice to give me a reason for dissing my Lousy T-Shirt listing:

Dear Carol,

Thank you for writing eBay in regard to the suspension of your account.

I can understand wanting to know more regarding the action taken on your account. However, please understand that the exact criteria used to take action on eBay accounts are proprietary in nature and can not be discussed due to security concerns.

If you would like to have the account considered for reinstatement then we require that you proceed with the appeals process as previously outlined. We fully understand if you would not like to follow through with your suspension appeal. However, if you decide to not provide the information that we have requested, your account will remain suspended.

Thank you for your time.


eBay Customer Support

Needless to say, I will not be bothering eBay any longer. I don't want them to call the FBI, or anything. However, if I were to send a reply on this e-mail merry-go-round, I would say something like, "Samson, how much do they have to pay you to pretend that your e-mail makes sense? Maybe you guys royally messed up and are afraid to admit it, so you just say that you can't tell me."

I mean, if the specific criteria is "proprietary," then how am I supposed to appeal it? Oh, now I see how sending eBay a copy of my credit card and bank account statements is related to this mysterious account suspension. NOT!

I think the lawyer who wrote this policy was accidentally locked in the building while they were spraying paint. Maybe that should be a "security concern."