Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Read Between the Lines

(Very quick (for those who couldn't care less) fire update: Yes, Southern California is still on fire. Some of it is headed toward the coast, which is unusual. I have a view of the Poomacha fire on Mount Palomar. It looks like it's still in San Diego County. We're finally getting some smoke as it drifts north, but we have sunny skies, too. Hope it stays that way!)

After I sent the apartment association in Kentucky an amendment two days ago to the complaint that I filed last week against my prior property management company, I was sent the following e-mail (my comments in red):

Mrs. Maxwell (Schmuck),

I just wanted to follow-up and let you know that our Executive Committee (those who would like to think they know something about investment properties) will be meeting in the next week and will review this complaint (you don't have a chance of being believed). I apologize for referring you and your husband to ###### Property Management (and I'll kill them for causing me this extra work) and for the problems you have experienced with their company (although I'm sure that they're all your fault ). I assure you we screen our members (the same way as your PM screened tenants--see prior post) and verify as much information as we can about them (by asking them if it's true) before accepting their membership (for life--no matter what). They have been a member of our organization since July 2005 (and we've regretted it ever since) and this is the only complaint (that I'm telling you about) we have received against their company (but as individuals, well, that's another story).

Again, I am sorry (psyche!) your experience was not favorable with ###### Property Management (and you are not favorable to me) and I will follow-up with you (when pigs fly) as soon as our Executive Committee meets (for beers) regarding this complaint (why did you ever think that we'd listen to you when we have such an honored board member in your property manager?).

Sincerely (please drop dead),

###### #######

I'll keep you updated on this.

Anyway, my sitemeter went berserk yesterday! This blog started exactly one month ago tomorrow. I've had hits from almost every state in the country and from many other countries: Israel, China, Italy, Brazil, Spain, Canada, Hungary, Germany, Japan, UK, Philippines, Switzerland, South Africa, France, Costa Rica, Chile, Australia, New Zealand, and places I can't spell or pronounce. You know what this means--it must be easy to accidentally access a blog that you have no interest in reading.

If you are one of my three loyal readers or if you are some of the many who are new to my blog, please pass this along to someone who may be interested in reading, sharing, obsessing, venting (not at me, I hope). You may know a person or two who have talked about RE investing for years, but have never done it; or a successful seasoned investor who needs a good laugh at someone else's expense; or someone who has lost money on their rentals, or have gone into foreclosure on their investments or a primary residence. Let's get a good discussion going!

Appeal to the voyeur in them, and ask your friends to join us and make my sitemeter blow a fuse.