Wednesday, October 3, 2007


The sale of our second and last apartment property just closed! It was quite the denouement without the climax. No fanfare. No notification from title. Not even one question. I was about to e-mail the title attorney to ensure that he received the overnight packet, but thought I'd check my account for the wire first, just in case. Sure enough, it was there. The automated voice announced it like it was no big deal. But, for us, this day will go down in infamy.

As much as I would like to put the whole mess behind me permanently, I will spend the next few months drudging it all up for you. As you learn of the challenges that took place during these past two years, I hope to gain an education as to how to avoid it in the future. I already have Lesson #1 down: DON'T BUY APARTMENTS IN OTHER STATES! Do I really need any other advice?

I was going to put up another post later, but I'd like us all to relish in this for an entire day. Just think:

NO inane property managers
NO surprise repair expenses that suck the life right out of you
NO insanely high utility bills from A/C running in vacant units with all the lights on (yes, my husband walked in on this exact scenario)
NO tenants who prefer to live for free (and the PM's who help them)--this sounds like a Dr. Phil episode
NO code violations from the county
NO one calling to say they saw the complex in the local news for a stabbing that occurred in the parking lot
NO one jumping from the second story
NO new boiler needed
NO trying to make sense of senseless monthly statements (from the management company partner, who is purportedly, yes, an accountant)
NO requests for thousands of dollars at the end of each month
NO bank calling to say that the PM didn't make the mortgage payment again
NO one skipping out who owes $2,000 in back rents
NO vacancies
NO stress, no heart attacks, no headaches

And the biggest joy of all is. . . . . . the whisper of peace in my heart!