Saturday, November 3, 2007

It Ain't As Easy As It Looks

I wasn't going to post today because I've decided to take weekends off, but I just had to put up a quick one.

My ex-PM in Ohio contacted me today and told me that the new owner (who took over on Aug. 31) has fired her new management company and hired what my ex-PM calls, "The last management company he would ever use for that complex." This is not unusual. PM's are constantly bad talking each other to owners. The new PM knows my ex-PM and is now asking for advice in regard to the property.

I can't help but be smug about this because all through the closing process, this buyer, who, by the way, was very sweet and savvy, kept insinuating how bad my PM was (I can't totally disagree with her there) and how smart she was to find this very capable company. She just felt so sorry for me and my lack of experience. Her new PM went through the complex like they owned the place and made us jump through hoops before we closed.

My overriding emotion is to be eternally grateful that I: 1) disclosed EVERYTHING to this buyer--over and over and over again. She knew the truth about this building, 2) She paid what it was worth and not a penny more (probably a bit less), and, most of all . . . . drum roll, please . . . . 3) I no longer own this property!!! If you could see me, I am doing flips right now. I even have to pause in my writing in order to accommodate my acrobatics.

Anyone else know how I feel right now?