Monday, November 19, 2007


You may have noticed (and then again, you may not have) that I didn't post on Friday. You see, I usually write my posts the night before or even earlier. That way, I can pull it up the next morning, proof, edit, and publish it--while the kids are actually talking to me and tattling on their siblings.

Well, on Thursday night, I got to the computer rather late. I was tired and couldn't think of anything to write about (for those who know me, I'm telling the truth--really). It bugged me that I couldn't come up with one unique thing. As I lay in bed, I had a fantastic topic for a post. I thought about getting up to write it down so I wouldn't forget, but it was so good that I knew I'd remember the next day. (You can see where this is going now.) I woke up the next morning with a blank. Erased. Nada. Gone.

It bothered me all day, almost to the point of distraction. No matter what I did, my writer's block was crippling. You know how not making a decision is really making one not to act? It annoys me when people do that, but I was guilty. My inaction at creating a post was really a decision not to write one on Friday. The idea never resurfaced.

So here I sit. In front of an almost blank page. Considering that I haven't said one stitch about real estate yet, none of my prior words on this post count. Ugh!

I received a comment on my last post asking how we get along after losing so much money and whether or not my husband is looking for a job. I will be addressing these questions tomorrow.

I thought it would be fun (for lack of a better word) to compare what $400,000 would buy around the country. Rent amounts are estimates only, based on current listings.

Dallas, Texas (75218)--3,434 square feet, built in 2007, rent $2,500 (remember the high taxes)

Raleigh, North Carolina (27614)--3,450 square feet, built in 2001, 1/4 acre, rent $1,900

Seattle, Washington (98136)--1,520 square feet, built in 1931, rent $1,500 (This is one of the few areas that is still appreciating.)

Denver, Colorado (80210)--2,264 square feet, built in 1954, rent $1,500

San Diego, California (92126)--1,321 square feet, built in 1999, rent $1,800

Boston, Massachusetts (02124)--1,736 square feet, built in 2002, rent $1,600

Taking PITI, HOA, PM fee, and appreciation rates into consideration, where would you buy?