Monday, November 5, 2007


So, yesterday, I get out of bed at what I thought was 7:00 a.m., but was really 6:00, because it's impossible to explain the intricacies of "fall back" to a one year old. I click on my computer to check my e-mail and I see that I have a comment to moderate from my blog. If you've been reading my posts, you know that I love comments. I have published almost every one that I've received, except for the lengthy one that was in a different language (which I contemplated posting, but didn't want to take the risk). And then, yesterday, under "It Ain't As Easy As It Looks," this one:

"uhhh, Mr Grey........Like a Woman!?...Grow up! What's the point!? How your "feeling" the problem! - Mr Boom"

I had no idea what the writer was talking about! I know that there is a popular show on television called "Grey's Anatomy," but I have never seen it because we don't have our TV hooked up to any service. Since it made no sense to me, I rejected it.

Then I read my post again. I had asked if anyone else knew how I "felt." I mean, so what if the comment doesn't make any sense? I went back to my e-mail and tried to publish it, but I was told that the comment already had been moderated. So, I'd like to thank the writer for providing me with the opportunity to write an entire post around unintelligible comments.

But let's attempt to analyze: I don't know who Mr. Grey or Mr. Boom are. But I'm not Mr. Grey, so I can assume that Mr. Boom is an alias. "Like a Woman!?" is a sexist comment, but I don't care because I'm not a femi-nazi. However, why is there a question mark after it? Yes, I would like to believe that I am like a woman. Why would I want to be anything else? Because I'm a woman who has feelings, does that make me immature?

In real estate investments (as I can assume in others, as well), after all of the due diligence has been performed, you have to go on instinct and "feeling." There were times, during the purchase of our Ohio property, where I would have to put my head between my knees because I thought I'd faint at the prospect of having a $20,000 PITI. That's a "feeling" that I should have run with and pulled out of the deal. But I convinced myself that the rents would easily pay the mortgage and I was just being a nervous ninny. So, Mr. Boom, if you really are an investor, are you telling me that you are completely objective and have no "feelings" about a property that you are about to purchase? Please!

With the apartments, I did not view them myself. My husband did. So, I guess that Mr. Boom is implying that my husband is like a woman. Maybe if I had seen them myself, we would not have purchased one or both. So, is my husband like a woman who needs to grow up? Or, do all women need to grow up because we all have feelings? Hmmm. It's a good thing that men don't have any feelings. Right?

Mr. Boom, please tell us what you're talking about! And, by the way, have you ever invested in real estate?