Monday, February 11, 2008

Misc. Non-Post

It was such a BEAUTIFUL weekend here in Whine Country that we played worked hard on the property all weekend. The temperature has peaked in the mid to upper 70's for the past few days. It's been like Grand Central Station here since Thursday--and I wouldn't have it any other way. Thus, I had no time to develop a post for today. Instead, I give you this picture of a portion of our view. The hot air balloons were out earlier and one landed by our house, but I didn't think to snag my camera until it started deflating. That doesn't make a pretty picture, so I'll do my best to snap some the next time they float by, and share them with you. Yes, that's a dot of melting snow on the far left side of the top of the mountain.

Also, I've received e-mails from many of you who claim to be enjoying my posts and find them very funny. I just have one question: What do you want? Seriously, though, I'm relaying only the events of my life. If you enjoy reading the adventures of my wacky existence, then thank you for tuning in. I'll continue to do my best to inform and entertain you.

I'll leave you with this from News of the Weird:
As the home-mortgage industry continued to reel in January from the Countrywide Financial Corp. debacle, a federal bankruptcy judge learned that the company, in at least one case (with others suspected), had not only backdated crucial documents but fabricated them altogether and then told the judge the company was merely trying to be "efficient." A court had approved the recasting of a client's debt to Countrywide in March 2007, closing the case, but the next month, Countrywide "discovered" a way to get extra money and thus created three letters supposedly sent to that client before March 2007. However, Countrywide later acknowledged that the letters were actually written after March 2007 but that making up documents was merely "an efficient way to convey" information. [New York Times, 1-8-08]