Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Our Secret's Out!

Part of the reason that I'm so optimistic after such a catastrophic financial loss is the hope that our new business brings us. I told you in an earlier post that we were designing a hot new product that the retailers are excited about. We've been marketing and selling it for a few weeks now, so I thought that it was time to let you in on it, too.

First, I want you to guess. What type of merchandise do you think the following pictures are?
No, this is not a cheap bottle of wine at an out-of-way Italian restaurant with tacky table cloth and ratty window coverings.
No, this is not a real champagne bottle. The plastic shrink wrap gives it away.
No, this is not a designer oil can.
No, this is not a fancy light bulb.

Can you guess now? Do you give up yet?

Maybe if you had some perspective on their size.

Here is the hot air balloon next to a standard computer mouse. Yes, these products are small, but there's more to them than meets the eye.

They are actually full-size adult T-shirts! Nice, thick, beefy tees. They're compressed with 50,000 pounds of pressure into virtually any shape. Each shirt has the image on the back and our "Temecula, California" logo on the front left breast. They're our best sellers. Not only do we carry what we have designed, but companies can special order anything they want in a compressed tee. They are a unique novelty (is that redundant?) item. When unwrapped they are completely wrinkled. But, just one wash cycle smooths the fabric and readies the shirt for wear.

This is a patented process and these products are not accessible to just anyone off the street, or even any business owner. We sell them to retailers, wineries, and many other companies. The nicest feature about these particular shirts is that they are easy to store and stack. So the smaller retailers, who have avoided carrying apparel in the past because of the constant mess, refolding, and display cases, are eager to sell these products. We are already expanding to other areas.

I'm glad to be able to share something besides my take on interest rates today.