Sunday, September 30, 2007

How Do I Love Thee?

Is it just me, or does everyone love everything about real estate?

I have to assume that it's just me, so when I'm in a social situation, and I want to burst with talk about my true love, RE, I have to contain myself. Like those who are pet lovers know, just because you think it's so cute when little Poochie tilts his head a bit this way to indicate that he knows what you're talking about, most of your friends couldn't care less. So you resist the urge to show them that picture you took when you put a tutu on the dog. Oh, you mean you actually showed people--well, let me tell you, you may have lost of few acquaintances that night.

I try my darndest to only bring up RE issues, whether my own (depressing) or those in the news, when others mention them first. But I'm always thinking about it. Not always, always, but sometimes a conversation will remind me of something--maybe it's a sharp tangent, but, nevertheless, the trigger goes off and, boom, "Do you know what I found out when I was perusing the MLS?" Yet, I resist--maybe I love my friends more than RE, or maybe I don't want to be known as that sicko who can't talk about anything else.

Yesterday, we were blessed to spend time with some good friends who live in the San Diego RE market. I mean, they live in San Diego County. My friend was gracious enough to bring up the current foreclosure situation and asked what percentage I feel that fraud is present in the actual loan docs. I gave her my opinion (very low percentage) based on absolutely nothing but my own experience. Now, if we're talking about misrepresentation of loan terms by unscrupulous lenders and brokers, I think it would be very high. Anyway, that was all that I needed. I gave her what seemed like an hour long dissertation on the state of the market and had several "the most important" points to make. Right before her eyes glazed over and she passed out in her chair, I think I may have convinced her that I actually knew what I was talking about. NOT!

So, the moral of this lazy Sunday post is that one must refrain oneself from talking non-stop about any subject in which one is interested, unless one is by oneself in one's car pretending to sing along to one's radio. Or, maybe, one can just non-stop think about it, right?